Saturday, May 23, 2015

little girl tropes

Marge: (looking out the window to the front lawn) There's just something about flying a kite at night that's so unwholesome.
Bart: (turns head to the window. In monotone with glazed, glaring eyes and an eerie smile) Hello, mother dear.
— The Simpsons

They look sweet, innocent, even angelic, but there's something not quite right about them. They're too calm, too knowing. They aren't really children any longer, not at heart.
Children should be innocent and in need of adult protection. By inverting this, the trope arouses deep-rooted fears. The Creepy Child might not be physically dangerous, but their profound unnaturalness is just as chilling.
Creepy children are frequently female, and often Emotionless Girls. They can be, among other things, a Robot Girl, an Oracular Urchin, a changeling, a Waif Prophet, or Evil. As prophets, they emanate otherworldliness; as heroes, they may elicit distrust and contempt from the rest of The Team sans the one female who wants to be surrogate mother, and as villains they remain cute even while the bodies pile up around them. They usually have an Ironic Nursery Tune theme.
May be holding a Creepy Doll. A girl who is a Woman in White is usually the Creepy Child. If a Creepy Child is shown drawing, it will usually be a Nightmare Fuel Coloring Book.
Compare and contrast Psychopathic Manchild and the usually much more proactive and physically dangerous Enfant Terrible.

See also Undead Child and Ambiguous Innocence. Also compare Creepy Cute.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

new boards soon

soon we will be adding 3 new porn sites
and two new text-mostly boards
tinylotus /left/
tinylotus /write/
its raducal left culture and
a story board

new boards soon

Monday, May 18, 2015

reading likst, watch list

Tiny Lotus TV, Movies and Reading lists.

OLDER TV shows :
Dead like Me: TLC MUST !
Battlestar Galactica : TLC MUST!
Game of Thrones
Walking Dead

Current TV shows:
Walking Dead: TLC MUST!
Game Of Thrown's : optional
The Big Bang Theory : Must see, last 3 season at least.
Top Of The Lake
Broad Church
The Machine
Utopia __UK televison show

Older Movies :
Apocalypse Now
Clockwork Orange
Good Will Hunting
Clerks 1
Sixth sence
the Shinning
Excorsist 1
Blair Witch Project
The excorsism of Emily Rose

newer movies::
Nymphomaniac vol 1 and 2 _ directors cut
Kink (documentry)
Cash Back
the Taking of debrah Logan
Peacock __Ellen Page

this list will increase all the time.




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